Ray series self power tracker control unit

MatChed motor: L+N( two- phases input )90-264VAC(wide input voltage)
Netweight:1. 45KG
Dimension of product :262mm *182mm* 120mm

FA series AC power tracker control unit

Matched motor: 24V DC Brushed Motor (Brushless can be customized)

Net weight: 4.95KG-5.83KG

Dimension Of product: 486mm*191mm*173mm

Network control unit

This NCU product has many functions including wireleess OTA upgrade, strong wind protection, heavy rain protection,heavy snow protection, overcurrent protection,over temperature protection. This NCU is compatible with various manufacturers TCU module and provides SCADA system which can provide clearer data display.more accurate data analysis and more efficient operation management of PV station.


lntelligent tracking controller

In auto mode, the system will issue tracking commands automatically according to the current position of the sun and control the motor to achieve real-time tracking of the sun for higher electricity production.

PV tracking control algorithm

With 3D geographical data model,real-time meteorological data, sunlight irradiation data, based upon the topological algorithm of neural network, looped self-study track system solution, drive by new-generation big data .

Cloud  APP
Customized Cloud Platform & APP to monitor intelligent devices. To optimize the algorithm and update the model by analyzing of big data.

Operation Center
Provide customers with an industrial user operation center,Establish communication and management channels for customers.

We provide customers with a complete set of photovoltaic intelligent tracking electrical control system solutions. We will provide personalized intelligent photovoltaic and tracker electrical control system solution based on local environment data, existing equipment access data, and other information, in auto mode, the system will automatically issue a lifting command based on the current position of the sun, control the operation of the motor actuator, and ensure that the PV module tracks the sun in real-time, thereby increasing power generation.

The product includes

Ray series self power tracker control unit

Network control unit

Digital Intelligent Operation Software SCADA

Smart Weather Monitor SWM

Typical Solution

Zhongmin New Energy: Improving the Power Generation of Photovoltaic Intelligent Tracking System

Xinyi Light Energy: Transformation and improvement of Wuwei Fishing Light Complementary Flat Single Axis Tracking System

Shanghai Mokun: Dual Axis Photovoltaic Tracking Intelligent Control System Research and Development Cooperation

Yellow River Hydropower: Renovation and Upgrade of Single and Double Axes in Ningxia

Zhengtai: Intelligent Photovoltaic Tracking SCADA Deployment


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Lingyang Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in technical research, product development, system integration, and engineering implementation of artificial intelligence technology (deep data learning) in the field of new energy, especially solar tracking and control systems. Applying core artificial intelligence technology to global photovoltaic tracker projects can increase power generation by 1-7% based on the original anti shadow of the trackers. At present, the deep integration application of Al technology in the photovoltaic field has been achieved, providing customers with a "hardware+software+data+services" integrated solution.

The core team of the company has graduated from universities such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Zhejiang University, and has over ten years of work experience in well-known industrial companies both domestically and internationally. we have rich theoretical, technical, and practical experience in the application of AI in the industrial field.